Om Dhungel is well regarded for his thought leadership on capacity building and empowering individuals and communities and bringing the best out of people. 

Om’s mentoring programs are aimed at:

  • CEOs and Board members particularly in the private and the not-for-profit sectors
  • Corporate social responsibility leaders and managers
  • Managers responsible for community engagement and community development
  • Community volunteers and leaders

Spotlight mentoring (problem solving focused)

If you are looking for a mentor with extensive experience in government, the not for profit and the corporate sector, Om Dhungel is in a unique position to assist you to solve specific issues and challenges that will allow you to problem solve and brainstorm solutions.

Some of the common areas the spotlight mentoring program focuses on:

    • Engaging with community organisations or community groups
    • Organising an event and needing guidance in effective community engagement
    • Discuss your community engagement strategy
    • Having an experienced director as a sounding board to discuss a strategic issue or a governance matter before a board meeting

To find out more and to book for a personalised one-on-one spotlight mentoring program, enquire below.

Unleashing potential (transformational change focused)

Through the 90-day program, you will receive personal mentoring – sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom from a transformational leader with over 25 years national and international experience across sectors in bringing out the best in you.

This mentoring program is perfect for you if you:

    • Are a leader trying to keep yourself on top of your game
    • Are often overwhelmed with the pressure from above and below
    • Are too busy managing the business and your employees are struggling to keep up with the increasing workload
    • Are not happy with the status quo and want to do something for the better and make an impact, not just for yourself, but also for the community around you

The unleashing potential program includes:

    • Initial 1 hour introductory session – get to know each other and understanding mentee’s objectives
    • 5 x two hour sessions
    • Fortnightly accountability and check-in
    • E-mail access to Om throughout the period of the program

The meetings can be face to face or through Skype. To find out more and to book for the transformational 90-day program, enquire below.

Australia is currently experiencing major changes in the social sector. It is a time filled with both uncertainty and real possibilities. Those working directly or indirectly with the community sector now need a change in thinking as to how we help those in need.

Strength-Based Approach (SBA)

Strength-Based Approach (SBA) is at the core of everything Om does. Om’s approach through SBA means all of his services are based on helping his clients embrace new ways of seeing and doing things. The SBA approach is empowering and sustainable as it focuses on harnessing the existing innate strengths and assets of all involved rather then focusing on the lack.
Om believes that every individual, whatever the situation may be, is endowed with inherent strengths and assets. As a community and a society, we need to help create an environment where everyone can be engaged and contribute by utilising these assets.

Ready to realise your innate power?