Om Dhungel brings a wide range of expertise particularly in the following areas:

    • Strength-based Approach to Refugee Settlement and Community Development
    • Corporate Governance with a special interest in Social Innovation and Sustainability
    • Strategic Connector – Cross Sectoral Collaboration
    • Thought Leadership

Om has also written and published on the above and related subjects and have them available for free through this website.

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Refugees, Human Rights and Social Issues

Changing the Debate on Refugees from “Sharing the Burden” to “Sharing the Opportunity”

Building on my lived refugee experience and the mentoring and coaching received as part of the Westpac Social Change Fellowship program, this report begins by articulating the need for change in the way we currently approach service delivery and more broadly community development and captures the learnings from refugee settlements in a number of countries. The report then draws out some guiding principles that are relevant to governments, service providers and other organisations working on refugee and related areas and recommendations for resettled communities and also uniqueness of each organisation that I met. Given there was different learning from every meeting, the report also includes details of each meeting with the individual organisations. Read the full report


Settlement Planning for Refugees: Australia and the United States – Venkat Pulla and Om Dhungel

In Australia, where the financial benefits allowed for a longer resettlement period that facilitated English language skills acquisition and training for redeveloping of work skills before seeking employment, better long-term outcomes were possible and fewer social and emotional issues arose.


Empowering Communities – Developmental Toolkit: An Asset-Based Approach to Community Development

Empowering Communities project explores ways to mobilize the resources that are already present within the community and then working with external partners to complement and fill any gaps, thereby emphasising the importance of interdependence


The Bhutan Review

Thanks to Digital Himalaya for scanning and preserving the back issues of The Bhutan Review which was published by the Human Rights Organization of Bhutan in Kathmandu for almost 4 years from January 1993 to October 1996. Mr Bhim Subba, former Director General of the Department of Power, Royal Government of Bhutan was the editor and main driving force behind this publication. Mr Om Dhungel, former head of Planning and Development Division in the Department of Telecommunications, Royal Government of Bhutan worked closely with Mr Subba as the co-editor and kept it going despite various challenges. Mr D.P.Basnet and Mr. Mandhoj Tamang, both senior members of HUROB provided marketing and other support for its publication.

Both Mr Subba and Mr Dhungel had earlier fled the country in protest against human rights violation perpetrated by the government and its discriminatory policies targeted against southern Bhutanese of Nepalese ethnicity. Mr Subba now lives in Canada while Mr Dhungel lives in Australia.
These issues of The Bhutan Review can also be accessed directly through the Digital Himalaya website:

“The Bhutan Review was published by the Human Rights Organization of Bhutan in Kathmandu for 3 years (from January 1993 to October 1996). For observers of Bhutanese affairs, and particularly of the refugee crisis that led to the flight of 100,000 ethnic Nepalis from Bhutan in the early 1990s, it was an alternative source of beautifully-written analysis and commentary that was by turns skeptical, passionate or ironic, and was sometimes also very funny. We are very pleased to preserve this very rare archive for posterity. Digital Himalaya has scanned back issues of this publication to encourage wider distribution of this unique record. – Digital Himalaya
Access each issue by year of publication

Published Articles

International Metropolis Conference 2018 – Discussion and Debate on Migration, Diversity and Integration:

Blacktown Conference 2018 – Driving a Paradigm Shift in Community Development:

Driving a Paradigm Shift in Refugee Settlement;

Refugee Alternatives Conference – Changing the debate on refugees from Sharing the Burden to Sharing the Opportunity:

Refugee settlement is an opportunity to share, not a burden, LinkedIn, 19 May 2016

Refugee Community And Its Transformation In The Resettlement Process –Part 1, Part 1, LinkedIn, 9 May 2016

Refugee Community And Its Transformation In The Resettlement Process –Part 2, Part 2, LinkedIn, 16 May 2016

The Settlement of the Newly Emerging Bhutanese Community in Sydney, Australia

Connecting youth to a safe internet environment

Governance and Innovation
Opportunities arising from Issues and Challenges Facing Australian Directors and Boards

Is Social Innovation the Missing Link in the National Innovation and Science Agenda?, 8 Feb16

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