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Empowering individuals and organisations to realise their innate strengths and power to create long lasting impact.


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Sydney Morning Herald The Guardian SBS TV Bhutan News Service Refugee Alternatives Conference SBS Nepali Radio Brisbane Times

Meet Om Dhungel

Om is a thought leader, passionate about helping individuals and organisations explore and utilise their full potential through a Strength Based Approach (SBA). Having faced and overcome hardships through his own life experiences, including having to leave everything behind and flee his home country Bhutan, his philosophy in life is to come out wiser through every challenge rather than remain wounded.

Om sees each day as a new opportunity to rewrite the trajectory of our life.

Om has lived and lives the motto “no matter where you grew up or what your past circumstances were, you can choose and work towards where you want to be in the future.”

Today, Om lives a beautiful life doing what he is truly passionate about – sharing with the wider community what he has been blessed with in life. He has been invited to speak on national and international stages, mentored individuals, served on different boards and consulted with all levels of government, non-profits and large multinational corporations. As a passionate humanitarian, Om currently spends fifty percent of the time in paid work and the other fifty percent in volunteering.

How we can work together


Consulting for not-for-profits, corporate organisations and governments to drive the power of cross-sectoral collaborations across sectors to create maximum value and long-term impact.

Training and workshops

Unique programs supported by theory and, practical models demonstrated through Om’s real-life journey, and lived refugee experience, and teachings on unleashing human potential through a Strength Based Approach.


Having inspired and changed many lives by helping people to explore and utilise their potential, Om is passionate about mentoring and producing more champions in the community who can in turn spread the contagion and create empowered communities.


The perfect complement to open or close a conference, motivate staff or provide an inspirational after dinner speech about Om’s life experiences while providing deep insights on the limitless nature of the human potential.

Client testimonial



Bhutan to Blacktown – Losing everything and finding Australia.

A story on perseverance, humour and irrepressible optimism and how one man’s life and character were shaped by losing nearly everything.

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