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Leading the paradigm shift in community development – From Need-based approach to Strength-based approach

“Every individual, whatever the situation may be, is endowed with inherent strengths and assets. As a community and a society, we need to help create an environment where everyone can be engaged and contribute by utilizing these assets”
– Om Dhungel

“Every single person has capacities, abilities and gifts. Living a good life depends on whether those capacities can be used, abilities expressed and gifts given” – John McKnight

Om Dhungel is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to explore and utilise their full potential – bringing out the best in people with a firm belief that “no matter where you grew up or what your past circumstances were, you can choose and work towards where you want to be in future”.

Om will help you to shift thinking, create the momentum for change, and develop commercially and socially smart strategies to grow your career or business. Organisations and individuals in the community services sector challenged with doing more for less will especially benefit from his services and the strength-based approach.

Strength-Based Approach (SBA) is the core of everything Om does.

Through consulting, training, mentoring and speaking, he works with individuals and organisations to embrace new ways of doing things and help develop community-based, collaborative initiatives by building on strengths and assets from within the communities that enhances people’s engagement and involvement and in turn drive long-term sustainability.

As a Thought Leader and a Strategic Connector, he loves working with all levels of governments, the not for profit sector, community organisations, educational institutions and the corporate sector to create opportunities for collaboration to achieve extraordinary results. His unique strength lies in his commercial acumen balanced with social conscience.

Driven by a passion to empower individuals and communities, Om operates on a Fifty:Fifty model, committing 50% of his time in paid work to support the other 50% in volunteering focused on creating champions in the wider community.



Driving the power of cross-sectoral collaboration

Om works with organisations in the NFP sector to help discover their strengths in the power of everyday success stories that they help create and leverage them to explore collaboration opportunities particularly with the corporate sector and also help businesses enhance the impact of their social investments through effective community engagement.


Thinking differently about how we help those in need

This unique training program is supported by theory and practical models demonstrated through Om’s real-life examples and lived refugee experience. By training staff in this strength-based approach, organisations will be able to achieve better outcomes and increase the impact of their work or assist more people not by working harder but by working differently.


No matter where you grew up or what your past circumstances was, you can choose and work towards where you want to be in future

Well regarded for his thought leadership on capacity building and empowering individuals and communities, Om offers two distinct style of mentoring: solving specific issues and challenges and long term transformational mentoring to help people bring out their best.


Moving from living in the regret of the past and fear of future to living in the learnings of the past and possibilities of the future

Having inspired many through his over two decades of volunteering in the community, Om demonstrates the power of Resilience and Perseverance by sharing his personal journey of fleeing from the land of “Gross National Happiness” as well as his experience of “Solving Problems by Breaking Them Into Smaller Parts.


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“Om’s lived experience and thoughts have influenced me and the way we do our work at SSI.”

Violet Roumeliotis, CEO Settlement Services International (SSI) November 4, 2016

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