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Driving the power of cross-sectoral collaboration.

Om works with organisations in the NFP sector to help discover their strengths in the power of everyday success stories that they help create and leverage them to explore collaboration opportunities particularly with the corporate sector which can bring to the partnership its financial strength as well as commercial discipline. Such collaborative approach allows corporations to make effective investment in the community while reinforcing commercial discipline with a social conscious in the NFP sector.

Om also works with businesses to help them better understand the community sector and the environment it operates, develop effective community engagement plan and enhance the impact of their social investments. This will in turn help drive a paradigm shift in human services delivery and more broadly in community development from a ‘need-based’ approach to a more empowering and sustainable ‘strength-based’ approach.

Om Dhungel Consulting

services are built on the back of Om’s unique range of Board, management, community development and volunteering experience across sectors spanning the government, private and the social sector. This is supported by a diverse educational and training background as a telecommunication engineer complemented by an MBA degree and practical research experience in the community sector.

Corporate-Community Bridge: Building Transformational Relationships

Are you a business exploring ways to enhance the impact of your social investments and ‘scaling the impact’as part of your corporate social responsibility? Are you looking for cross-sectoral collaboration and build relationship with the community sector?

Community Engagement

Businesses today operate in a very dynamic environment driven by changing socio-economic conditions and technological disruptions. To develop and sustain thriving business, there needs to be a thriving community to support it. Smart businesses recognize this and are embedding social responsibility as part of doing business while at the same time building cross-sectoral relationships.

There is also an emerging trend to move away from a one-way giver-receiver transactional relationship to a more collaborative and longer-term relationship. This requires a good understanding of the community sector as it operates today and identify areas that corporations can maximise the social impact. It also means helping to drive long term structural change and develop more sustainable approaches to community development.

Having worked in the government, the not for profit and the corporate sector, Om Dhungel is in a unique position to assist your business to:

  • Understand the community sector and the environment as well as the system that it operates in
  • Identify potential partners and areas that it can maximize the social impact
  • Develop Effective Community Engagement plan
  • Help develop community-based initiatives by building on strengths and assets from within the communities that enhances people’s engagement and involvement and in turn long-term sustainability
  • Embrace new ways of doing things to demonstrate how systemic change may promote better access and inclusion
  • Nurture and enhance your relationships with community and stakeholders.

Engaging Om Dhungel

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