Consulting services are built on the back of Om’s unique range of Board, management, community development and volunteering experience across sectors spanning the government, private and the social sector. This is supported by a diverse educational and training background as a telecommunication engineer complemented by an MBA degree and practical research experience in the community sector.

Not-for profit organisations​

Om works with organisations in the Not-for Profit (NFP) sector to help discover their strengths in the power of everyday success stories and use it as a leverage to explore collaboration opportunities particularly within the corporate sector. This collaborative approach enables NFPs to access financial resources and commercial discipline whilst enabling corporations to engage in true social responsibility and to give back to the community while creating the intended impact.

Corporate organisations

Businesses today operate in a very dynamic environment driven by changing socio-economic conditions and technological disruptions. To develop and sustain thriving businesses, there needs to be a thriving community to support it.

Businesses who recognize this and are embedding social responsibility as part of doing business while at the same time building cross-sectoral relationships are securing their future. Leading businesses are also adapting to the emerging trend to move away from a one-way giver-receiver transactional relationship to a more collaborative and longer-term relationship.

Om assists businesses in understanding the community sector as it operates today to identify areas that the corporation can maximise the impact of their corporate social responsibility through effective community engagement.

Strength-Based Approach (SBA)

Strength-Based Approach (SBA) is at the core of everything Om does. Om’s approach through SBA means all of his services are based on helping his clients embrace new ways of seeing and doing things. The SBA approach is empowering and sustainable as it focuses on harnessing the existing innate strengths and assets of all involved rather then focusing on the lack.
Om believes that every individual, whatever the situation may be, is endowed with inherent strengths and assets. As a community and a society, we need to help create an environment where everyone can be engaged and contribute by utilising these assets.

Ready to realise your innate power?