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UTS International Alumni Award 2017 – 21 September 2017

Interview: Om Dhungel – Westpac Social Change Fellow, 20 May 2016

Migrant advocates recognised with NSW Multicultural Community Medal awards

Refugee week highlights Australia’s refugee success

MTC Australia announces 2012 National Volunteer Award Recipient as first Community Ambassador

Artists showcase creations in Canberra; 15 March 2016

Bright Ideas: Spoken English Classes

Welcome address by Om Dhungel, Chief Executive SEVA International and the Coordinator of the SEVA

Empowering Communities Project at the Project Launch

‘Nepalese in origin but Bhutanese first’ – A conversation with Bhim Subba and Om Dhungel (Human Rights Organization or Bhutan) by Michael Hutt and Gregory Sharkey



Croatian TV HTV1 – Featuring the integration of the Bhutanese community:

Every individual has inherent strengths and assets”: UTS International Alumni Award 2017 – 21 September 2017

Om Dhungel – Refugee Alternatives Conference, Sydney March 2017
Changing the debate on refugees from “Sharing the burden” to “Sharing the opportunity”

SBS TV coverage on Lifetime Community Service Award, March 2016

Bhutan News Service Interview – Norway, April 2016

SBS TV coverage of Blacktown standing together on 24 Feb15



SBS Nepali Radio Interview for being appointed as a Refugee Week Ambassador, 18 June 2017: Refugees – “an asset not burden”

The Identity Debate, Radio Pahichan, Adelaide, March 2017

2ser The Chat: “The Chat interviews outstanding graduates from the University of Technology, Sydney who have excelled in their profession or community.”

ABC Radio Life Matters, 18 July 2016

SBS Nepali Radio coverage on n Lifetime Community Service Award, 13 March 2016

Overnights: Refugees – with Trevor Chappell, Rod Quinn

Others: Speaker highlights

Better Boards Conference 2016, 20 July 16

“Creating a paradigm shift – Moving from ‘What do we need’ to ‘What do we have’?”

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