Om Dhungel is an experienced and well-qualified trainer backed-up by a unique range of Board, management, community development and volunteering experience. A transformational leader, Om is well known and regarded for his thought leadership on capacity building and empowering communities and bringing the best out of people with a firm belief that “no matter where you grew up or what your past circumstances was, you can chose and work towards where you want to be in future”.

Unleashing Potential – Workshop for Community workers and Service providers, particularly those involved in refugee support work

Demonstrated through Om’s real-life examples and lived refugee experience, the session can be tailored to suit participants, broadly covering:

  1. A sustainable approach to refugee settlement and community development: Using interventions that are designed from the bottom up
  2. Developing an Employment Loop and a Graduation Plan for newly arrived refugees and migrants
  3. Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) – discovering and mobilizing the resources already present in a community
  4. An engagement and mapping guide for community-led initiatives.

To develop a program that suits your requirement or to book Om Dhungel please contact [email protected].

“Take the journey to fulfilment: Dependence to Independence to Interdependence”

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