Unleashing Potential – Making the best of what you have: The Om Dhungel Story

Having survived two other near-death situations, Om truly understands the value of life and wants everyone to live to their fullest by utilising their full potential. As he calls it, 2Rs got him to where he is today – Resilience and Perseverance are very much integral to his success.

Om helps people put things in perspective by sharing his personal and heart-wrenching journey of fleeing from the land of “Gross National Happiness” to escape arrest and persecution leaving behind his wife and two and half year old daughter. Rather than despair at the hardship, he then sets out in an inspiring journey volunteering in refugee camps for over six years and helping young people achieve their dreams through his personal mission to “look for gems, help polish them and let them shine”. Always exploring solutions and alternatives to problems that he has encountered in life, particularly as a refugee, Om also shares his experience of “Solving Problems by Breaking Them Into Smaller Parts.

Om says he has found happiness down under and is on a personal mission to spread the ‘Happiness Bug’ by sharing his story.

Om’s presentation is the perfect complement to open or close a conference, motivate staff or provide an inspirational after dinner speech. His workshops highlight lessons learnt firsthand through lived refugee experience and how they are applicable to business and life in general.

To develop a program that suits your requirement or to engage Om Dhungel, please submit your details in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternately, please contact [email protected].

“Take the journey to fulfilment: Dependence to Independence to Interdependence”

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