Om Dhungel® Mentoring Program

Om Dhungel is a transformational leader with a unique range of Board, management, community development and volunteering experience. Om is well known and regarded for his thought leadership on capacity building and empowering communities and bringing the best out of people with a firm belief that “no matter where you grew up or what your past circumstances was, you can chose and work towards where you want to be in future”.
Having achieved significant success despite enormous challenges through sheer Resilience and Perseverance, Om is very well-placed to assist you in big picture thinking, bringing out your very best and help achieve your goals. Always exploring solutions and alternatives to problems that he has encountered in life, particularly as a refugee, Om also shares his experience of “Solving Problems by Breaking Them Into Smaller Parts”.
Having inspired and changed many lives by helping people to explore and utilise their potential, Om is passionate about producing more champions in the community who can in turn spread the contagion and create empowered communities.
In his Mentoring Program, Om combines his rich lived experience and personal success with his significant community development and corporate experience to shift thinking, create the momentum for change, and develop commercially smart strategies to grow your career or business.
The benefits – what will you receive
Personal mentoring – sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom from a transformational leader with over 25 years national and international experience across sectors in bringing out the best in you through what he calls ‘looking for gems, help polish them and let them shine’.

  1. Greater understanding of yourself and help build on your strength
  2. The Future – Support with personal and professional development
  3. Inspiration – Be inspired by personal stories
  4. Links to network and resources including learning materials to support your future growth

How does it Work?

  1. Initial 1 hour session – get to know each other and understanding mentee’s objectives
    5 x two hour sessions
  2. Fortnightly accountability and check-in
  3. E-mail access to Om throughout the period of the program
  4. Depending on mutual convenience, the meetings can be face to face or through Skype

Who is it for?
This mentoring program is for you if you are looking for:

  1. Personal success by focussing on your strength and assets
  2. Personal or professional development
  3. Career change including move across sectors
  4. Bringing out the best in you and from others
  5. Board or other senior roles.

Driven by a passion to empower communities, Om operates on a Fifty:Fifty model, committing 50% of his time in paid work to support the other 50% in volunteering focussed on creating champions in the wider community. Om works with limited number of clients in order to devote time for volunteering.

Unleashing Potential – 90-Day Mentoring Program

Om Dhungel provides individual and group mentoring for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to:

  1. Bring out the best in themselves and others and move from identifying problems to exploring solutions
  2. Discover what really motivates people and how to nurture local champions and role models
  3. Develop strategic connections and partnerships across the sectors with a view to work collaboratively to achieve a common purpose.
  4. Unleash their potential

To develop a program that suits your requirement or to book Om Dhungel please contact [email protected].

“Take the journey to fulfilment: Dependence to Independence to Interdependence”

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